JDC Systems Innovations, Inc

JDC Systems Innovations, Inc

JDC Systems Innovations, Inc

JDC Systems Innovations, Inc. is a full service Information Technology (IT) provider of goods and services. We provide the following services: 1) Business Automation - Automate your work flow process from simple scripts to full-fledged mobile, networked or online systems. JDC Systems can customize a solution whether from scratch or shrink wrapped software. 2) Computer - Whether you need to manage or purchase computing equipment, JDC systems provides services to meet your needs. JDC Systems is also a Direct Partner of Dell, Inc to provide you a wide range of notebook, desktop, workstation and enterprise solutions that includes PowerEdge servers, switches and storage. JDC also offers wireless networking technology integrating the latest communications innovations. Add to that software, printers, support at a convenience of a true, one-stop resource. 3) Disaster Recovery - If your business stopped making money today, how long can it last before you have to go into reserves? How long can your business last on reserve funds? What critical functions will fail as a result of the income stoppage? JDC Systems can help you formulate and implement a plan of action to bring you back from any event as quickly as possible. Additionally, JDC Systems has partnered with Carbonite to give you powerful protection against human error, hardware failures, ransomware and all the other major reasons why businesses lose data. 4) Marketing - Having a website is only 17% of your online presence. A website by itself will never perform and bring you the clients or audience you are looking to engage. JDC Systems' sister company, Web Enabled Ventures Inc. offers a full line of digital marketing services and products. 5) Project Management - Need someone to make your plans come to fruition? Many projects fail because a qualified project manager was not assigned. JDC Systems can manage your project and set realistic time-frame and cost expectations. 6) Networking - Managing your network environment is crucial to your success. Making sure it is operating at its peak performance level and ensuring security from the outside world is of paramount importance in this day and age. JDC Systems can help you identify any potential issues and provide solutions. 7) Odoo ERP Partner - There is no business that is too small or large for an ERP system. ERP allows small businesses to look and work just like an enterprise-level business. As your business grows you add programs to handle more and more of your business processes such as finance, inventory, sales, payroll and more. As a result, important business data is spread across several locations and disparate systems adding complexity and effort. If you are ready to invest into your business and automate your processes then Odoo is a great system. Our main strength is our commitment to customer service and our sincere desire to do more for the customer than expected. Our mission is to provide our customers, regardless of their size, unmatched guidance and assistance in developing, implementing and servicing their technology and/or business solutions. Our relationships with our customers have long lasting benefits. We have active customers spanning 10 through 20 plus years. We stay around until such a day and time that they are able to sustain their own on-going efforts.

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