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Necodex LLC

Necodex is a software development company aiming to help businesses to be more productive and efficient. We take care and apply our experience on IT projects development using Agile Methodologies to ensure quality and success on each project. We have several services to help you to convert your company to the digital world. Native and hybrid app development (Android & iOS) Websites development for businesses e-commerce implementation Web app development Real-time monitoring systems SCADA development IT consulting ERP & CRM implementation We also offer offshore services with a lot of benefits Project scalability: improve your operations with us through the extension of your current development team or by acquiring the full professional service of software development and testing. Geographical proximity: If you need to meet with your team extension in person, you can travel to our Nearshoring facilities (only 2 hours flight from Phoenix, Arizona). Time Zone: Time differences will not be a conflict for you, our biggest development team is located in PCT time zone. Cultural Affinity: being immediate neighbors of the USA, Mexican developers have a best cultural affinity than most developers in East Europe. also, Mexican developers are more engaged in your project with a more business perspective. Simultaneous Projects: Nearshore is a good option to attend several software development projects for its correct operation, avoiding employees social cost and generating results in time and quality. Cost Optimization: You can have significant cost savings when working with developers in Mexico. Being closer to the client leads to more effective communication, which generates greater productivity. Easy Communication: Your team of engineers will have a good level of English, which facilitates communication in person, by phone or videoconferences. Contact us and start your digital transformation today!

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